At our consultation, Joanna reviewed our financial situation and told us our options. She was unbiased and never pressured us to commit to more than the consultation. We instantly trusted her. As we were almost to the point of filing bankruptcy, we decided to move forward with the plan she set forth. Joanna ended up settling $40,000 of debt for under $20,000. It’s less than a year later, and we’re getting ready to buy a house. She changed our lives and gave us a second chance financially. I recommend her to anyone with possible credit issues. There are no gimmicks at New England Credit Consultants, and I don’t get anything for referring people to her. Whenever we have to make a financial decision, we now ask ourselves, “What would Joanna do?” We love her!

– Ashlee and Jarrod

I spent years avoiding my debt and credit problems. I was fresh out of college, self-employed and focused on getting my business off the ground. I would toss every bill and letter into a box wishing they would go away. As time went on, my business fizzled, and the contents of the box started to consume me. Every aspect of my life suffered – my business, my relationships, and most importantly, my health.

I met with Joanna at New England Credit Consultants and handed her the box. She explained to me how to budget, how credit scores and reports work, and how to climb out the hole I had created. We made a plan and set goals for my credit repair.

In less than a year, I had eliminated my credit card debt and had all accounts back in good standing. It was such a leap of faith to think that anyone could help me. I honestly didn’t think it would be possible. Handing over that box was the best decision I’ve ever made. It allowed me to focus on the important things in my life and in turn, allowed me to fix my credit. Joanna, thank you for saving me!”


Beautiful hydrangeas

“I worked with Joanna Murphy at New England Credit Consultants and absolutely accomplished what I wanted to do. She settled every debt I had for a fraction of the price.

If you’re sincere about improving your financial situation, Joanna will keep you calm and help you to be patient as you work through the process. It won’t happen overnight, but the end result makes you feel much better about yourself. You have to do your part, but she helps you pay off your debt. The end result is 100% improvement.”

– Joe

“I went through a divorce, and my credit was horrible. I’ve been working with Joanna for almost a year now. We’re 99% done, and my credit score is right back where I want it to be. Joanna has lots of contacts and knew just the right route to take. I appreciate all the work she’s done for me and recommend her to anyone who needs help with credit repair.”

– Keith

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“Our mortgage broker referred my partner and me to Joanna Murphy at New England Credit Consultants. Our goal is to buy a house in a few months, and we had a couple of credit issues to work out. Joanna helped us straighten out unpaid past medical bills and helped us establish new credit. She was very thorough and gave us great advice. The whole experience was positive. What we’re paying her is money very well spent as it looks like we’re on track to qualify for a favorable mortgage and will be soon be in our new house. “

– Erin

“I wouldn’t have my business if not for Joanna Murphy at New England Credit Consultants. Joanna made it her personal mission to help me buy my business. At the time, my husband and I needed to reduce our debt in order to qualify for a loan. Before she came into our lives, I had been totally overwhelmed by old medical bills. Joanna negotiated the debt then helped us refinance our house to pay off what remained. She increased our credit score by 235 points, and I was able to buy my business. I couldn’t have done it without Joanna. She’s so trustworthy. You have to be careful who you open your life to, but Joanna Murphy is definitely someone you can trust.”

– Gretchen

I was referred to Joanna Murphy at New England Credit Consultants because my wife and I were considering buying a house, however, my credit was in poor shape and I was carrying an outstanding business debt from years prior. After years of struggling to make payments and trying to work out a compromise with the lender to no avail, Joanna was able to negotiate a final settlement. Not only was she able to settle the debt for about a quarter of what was outstanding, she did it in one week! She had accomplished what I had spent years trying to do with the advice of an attorney. She was also able to repair some older discrepancies in my credit report that have been lingering and adversely affecting my credit for some time. Now, with my credit back on track and the black cloud out from over my head, my wife and I are able to qualify for a mortgage once again. We are truly grateful.”

– Steve

Portland Head Light, Maine